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Everything You Want
from a Full-Service Realtor,
For Less

Sure, Homeowners Concept can save you money. You pay only 3.9% (or 1.5% if you show) with NO upfront or end fees.

But experience is what sets us apart.

Our Experience Gets Your Home Sold

How can we offer such superior service for less? Experience!

A Homeowners Concept Realtor sells four times more properties each year than the average agent in Metro Milwaukee.

Almost all of our agents are in the top 5% of all Metro Real Estate agents.

Experience That Matters

On average, our Realtors have 19+ years of experience. The average full-service Realtor has just five.

Strict hiring standards ensure that no rookies or part-timers handle the sale of your home.

Sell or Buy with us!
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West Bend


Why is Homeowners Concept better than a 6% Realty?

We offer the best of both worlds. Real Estate Experience often missing when paying 6% commission AND lower fees. We have 2 FULL SERVICE programs. At the 1.5% you show your own home to buyers without an agent while at the 3.9% we take care of all showings. With both programs, your property will be in MLS (Multiple Listing Service), but if you show your home and the buyer is not represented by another Realtor you pay only 1.5%.  At the 3.9% we show your home to private parties. With both programs the selling broker gets 2.4% selling commission, same as selling a home as if you were paying 6%. Whichever way the property sells, YOU walk away a winner having saved thousands of dollars over a 6% commission!

Your Realtors have more experience than average, how is that?

This is the area that sets us apart. Our Realtors sell at least 4 times more homes per year than the average agent and have been in business for 19+ years (versus 5.5 years industry average). The high skill level of our agents will help you throughout your real estate transaction from the PROPER way to market your home, to negotiating the highest offer possible, working through inspection issues and proceeding to a smooth closing.

How can you offer so much more experience and charge less?

Volume and efficiency. The traditional model is very inefficient. A big chunk of the 6% commission goes toward marketing the agents and the company to get more sellers to pay the high commission. Real estate companies want and are constantly recruiting new agents (you may have noticed that). It is the traditional company's advantage to have an army of low producing agents counting on their circle of friends and relatives than use our method where every agent sells a lot of homes each year. As a result there is a high turnover of agents (you may already know of one that tried real estate for a year or two and got out). On the flip side, we are very proud of having virtually no turnover of agents. We make every effort to employ just enough dedicated experienced Realtors so that they are top producers, stay extremely proficient and even though we charge less, can still make a reasonable living and stay in the business.

What am I missing compared to traditional high commission agencies?

Nothing. Actually you gain more marketing (you'll be surprised to know that some 6% companies exclude their properties from the top 2 real estate websites Zillow and Trulia). We don't.

Do you charge any up-front or other end fees?

Absolutely not. There are no up-front or back-end fees. Additionally, Homeowners Concept does NOT even charge administrative fees which are common with 6% brokers. Some of the administrative fees can run as high as $600 on top of the 6%!

Do I deal directly with one of your experienced real estate Professionals or am I given to a team of assistants?

You work directly with the skilled real estate Professional who comes to list your home, rather than lower-level assistants. Many so-called top producers in the high commission world do not plan to have much contact with you after you have signed the listing agreement. And they need to get that high commission, in order to pay all the members of their staff. We purposely limit the amount of listings and buyers each agent works with so that they can give excellent service to all their clients. That's unheard of in the industry!

Do you have many satisfied customers?

We have been serving Southeastern Wisconsin since 1984. That longevity, speaks volumes to the success of our program. We have a proven track record of getting results with over 23,000 properties sold in Metro Milwaukee and have saved sellers in excess of $73MM in commissions. We have an A+ rating with BBB for 30 CONSECUTIVE years and we are the ONLY real estate company in Metro-Milwaukee to have this great record!

Serving Greater Milwaukee since 1984!

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Smart Sellers Sell 7 Times Using Homeowners Concept!

These savvy sellers have sold not 1 or 2 homes with Homeowners Concept but 7, saving over $34,000 vs a 6% commission.

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We're anticipating to need at least one additional agent in the near future as demand for our high percentage of sales, value priced real estate program is growing. If you have 3+ years in real estate with 10+ sales in the past 12 months and you'd like to triple or quadruple your number of transactions, lets talk.Our team consists of ONLY highly experienced Realtors that sell many more times the volume of an average agent....

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Metro Milwaukee home values have been on the increase for the past 2 years and homes are selling fast. Although this is certainly good news for anyone trying to sell their home, getting the best price in the least amount of time requires some expertise. This includes proper staging, a good pricing strategy and maximum marketing to generate the most demand. If you are unsure about the changes in home values, and how this may affect your pricing...

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